Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are the uni fee's to high?

Before I begging this is in no way meant to put you off going to university and if it does well I'm sorry.

Are the uni fee's to high and will students be leaving with a debt to far.
over all I think YES but granted i didn't go to university.

Take this in to account its going to cost £9thousand to go to Oxford and Cambright its going to cost £8 and a half thousend to go to teaside university and the course you study goes over like three year if the universitys take out all the long holiday time you could do you studies in a year and not have to pay a big lingaring fee at the end.

Because we all know in this day and age no one has any real money, its all the governments so no one will be able to pay there debt off and if you do your going to be doing it for the rest of you  life. But don't let this put you off going because who know you could be incharge of a uni's fees and could make a different's.

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