Monday, 19 March 2012

The first date DOES & DONTS

OK so its your first date with the guy or girl from chemistry class and your worried  like hell about it.
First of all stop don't worry because you'll probably find there worried like shit to and if you worry it will show and you will not enjoy your date. So the best way to get around the worries is to relax and just take a couple of deep breaths in and out.

Right down to the dose and dont's for the dating game.


Be on time for the date. No one likes a guy/girl who cant keep track of time. If need be get ready a hour or two early befor the date that way you know you'll be on time and not be late.
And if you are going to be late for what ever reason call and let them know.
No one like to be standing around waitting.

Dress for the date apropretly. By that i mean dress in something that will suit the date so if your just going for lunch at a middle class restront I think a full ball gown is tipping the mark a bit and the same if your going to a sit down dinner jeans and a t-shirt my not go down well. Just remember one rule for dateing if in doubt casule- smart. 

Chosse a place to go to that will suit you both. Chosse a place for the date that will be fun/enjoy able for both of you. If you both like movies see what on at the local moive therta and go say a movie you both will like and if you dont know what they like ask.

Men be gentalmen not a slob. men dont be rude be perlight and dont swear or cures and if you do let it slip apoljies for it. dont take charge.

Be your self. dont change the way you act just beacuse your on a date with that person the chanses are half the reason they asked you out is because the way your act so they my not like it if you go from being this great guy or girl to this ass.


Dont cancel at the last minite. if you have to cancel for what ever reason let your date know before hand that way you can rescechal, never cancel on the day and espeshaly a hour or two before hand unless it is a serias problam like a family member is in the hospital.

Dont try to over do the date. dont try something your not going to like just because is diffrent, by this i mean dont take your date to a opra if they dont like it, there is no point they will not like it and nore will you.

Dont exspect just because. women dont expect you date to pay for everything if you go out for dinner ofer to pay for it or pay for half it show that you are will in even if he says no he will then just say that you will pay next time you go out if you do.

Dont bring the date down. if you know your date is not going well dont tell them just realies it is and try to salvige it, but if you can't then wait till the end and say you had a nice night even if it was hell that way you dont hert there feelings.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

what to do after college

this is just a quick post about the different choose i could do after college, there is uni or and full time job but it is hard to pick. uni is going to help achieve a better job with a degree but then there is the whole problem with the uni costs and  there is not 100% chance that you are going to get a good job after, therefore the next chance is to get a full time job this is going to be hard to get a full time job in fashion as it is a highly busy market.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Are the uni fee's to high?

Before I begging this is in no way meant to put you off going to university and if it does well I'm sorry.

Are the uni fee's to high and will students be leaving with a debt to far.
over all I think YES but granted i didn't go to university.

Take this in to account its going to cost £9thousand to go to Oxford and Cambright its going to cost £8 and a half thousend to go to teaside university and the course you study goes over like three year if the universitys take out all the long holiday time you could do you studies in a year and not have to pay a big lingaring fee at the end.

Because we all know in this day and age no one has any real money, its all the governments so no one will be able to pay there debt off and if you do your going to be doing it for the rest of you  life. But don't let this put you off going because who know you could be incharge of a uni's fees and could make a different's.

leave a comment i want to hear your opinion